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Jeff Driscoll
Boston, MA

I am sending out emails trying to find investors so as to validate the claims of a specific company named Blacklight Power Inc. and then decide how best to capitalize on the knowledge that they have made a huge breakthrough in energy production. I am looking for $20k - but I could still do some work with less money. The return on investment for my validation work would mainly benefit an investor who has large investments in energy. For example someone who has a large investment in solar power, electricity power plants, wind energy or anything related to energy where that investment could be wiped out if the game changing technology provided by Blacklight Power proves to be true.

I am also sending this email to people who may know people that work in the investment field and might be interested.

Essentially I would be a used as a consultant to verify the claims of Blacklight Power. I am not proposing to create a new discovery to compete with Blacklight Power. The key to my "consultant" work is that my experiment could be moved to any independent laboratory for additional verification whereas it is not possible to buy an experimental setup from Blacklight Power and bring it to any independent laboratory for verification.

There is no other company that has made more buzz in scientific circles and media regarding energy claims as Blacklight Power. They have have produced 80+ scientific papers and received $60+ million in investments for their energy technology over the past 19 years. I have met scientists who have replicated their work and talked to other people who formerly worked for Blacklight Power and they all believe in the technology and support it.

There is an independent journalist named Thomas E. Stolper who wrote a book in 2008 on Blacklight Power's CEO Randell Mills called "America's Newton". Below is a link to the book on though it currently seems not to be available. I will try to find out how to buy it and can give details to anyone who is interested in buying it.




Jeff Driscoll 1/2/2011
Boston, MA

Dear Sirs,
I am looking for funding to replicate an experiment done by a company that may have cracked the puzzle of “Cold Fusion.” Cold Fusion is potentially a new, safe, clean and cheap energy source that first made headlines back in 1989. The name of the company that may have solved the puzzle is BlackLight Power Inc. which is based in New Jersey. They have spent $60 million perfecting their discovery.

Blacklight Power's latest claim is a low cost, easily manufactured device, that creates electricity from hydrogen such that a car with the device would travel 700+ miles based on the amount of Hydrogen stored in one liter of water.

I am looking for $20k to verify Blacklight Power’s thermal energy claims (though not the electricity generation claims).

Blacklight Power’s website can be seen here:

I am not affiliated with BlackLight Power in any way. My home laboratory is located in Boston, Massachusetts.
I don’t offer any intellectual property or patents. I am only looking for a limited amount of money so that I can attempt to replicate the experiment. Normally this "consultant" type of investment ($20k) would benefit a large investor who could use the validation of Blacklight Power's claims and capitalize on it. My experiment could easily be transported to another laboratory for additional independent verification.

BlackLight Power:
• Claims to have found a new way of producing energy from Hydrogen that would result in home heaters that have no fuel costs.
• Says that 200 times more energy is released per Hydrogen atom compared to burning the Hydrogen with Oxygen.
• BlackLight Power has attracted more than $60 million in investments (investments specifically for their energy discovery).
• Has numerous (80+) published scientific papers showing details of their experiments.
• “Dark Matter” detected in other galaxies can be explained by their discovery. They say that Dark Matter is actually Hydrinos which are Hydrogen atoms with the electron in a lower orbit (closer to the proton) than has previously been known to science.
• Developed two different processes that use Hydrogen – one that produces thermal heat and another technology called CIHT (Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition) that directly produces electricity without first creating thermal heat (similar to a hydrogen fuel cell).

The cost of the CIHT technology installed in an electric car would be comparable to a standard gasoline engine and there would be no fuel costs except for the water. The volume and weight of the CIHT device installed in a car would be similar or even smaller than a gasoline engine. The amount of hydrogen in one liter of water would power an averaged sized car for 700+ miles. In the CIHT process, the hydrogen is first extracted from the water and then exposed to a special catalyst causing an electrochemical reaction that produces electricity. A tiny fraction (approximately 1/200th) of the electricity produced is siphoned off to produce more Hydrogen from the water. The end product is Hydrinos and electricity.

I have talked to scientists who no longer work with BlackLight Power (they once did) and they still support and believe in Blacklight Power’s technology.

My website with details on how I plan to replicate BlackLight Power’s experiment is shown here:

(Note: I plan to reproduce their heat generating experiments as opposed to the electricity producing CIHT)

I am not affiliated with BlackLight Power in any way and a google search of my name and the words cold fusion, such as “Jeff Driscoll Cold Fusion” will show my long term association in the field of Cold Fusion as an independent researcher.

Cold Fusion first gained fame in 1989 when noted chemists Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman first announced they had discovered a cheap energy source that was safe and virtually unlimited based on laboratory experiments. This was headline news for many weeks but the excitement died down as scientific groups and universities could not replicate the results.

My Experience:
I have a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and 20 years of experience in different industries. My passion for my entire career has been energy solutions since I have always felt that energy was at the root of our biggest problems. I have worked on projects such as trying to reduce the pollution from diesel engines and writing software to operate large wind turbines. All of my work history over the past 20 years has been very technical and science oriented.

Replicating Blacklight Power's claims will require measuring heat flow and electrical measurements. I consider myself an expert at this and have spent many hours setting up and running these types of experiments over the past 18 years. My first experiments in Cold Fusion were in 1992 after reading that scientists were still getting positive results even though the mainstream media had labeled Cold Fusion dead back in 1989. I made a few good attempts over the next 3 years but could not get positive results. After a 11 year hiatus from the Cold Fusion field, I jumped back in with sophisticated experiments back in 2007 - again after hearing good news coming from this technology. You can see the details of these experiments on my web page

I spent a little too much money back in 2007 on Cold Fusion (I worked full time on it using my own savings) - and so to do this next Blacklight Power experiment I will need funding so that I can do it accurately and quickly. I have followed the claims of BlackLight Power closely for 18 years while also doing some experiments attempting to replicate their work and the work of "Cold Fusion" scientists. I have much of the equipment, software and technical expertise that I will need to do this next experiment.


Jeff Driscoll